krispykremated reed .. when I reblog your selfies there’s bound to be some enthusiastic photoshopping commies who see it


I’m studying in the crimelords school of overexposed selfies.

my brother :’-) 💡

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statecapitalist said: Lol i love people like that, the figures they spout on how many were killed are always close to the population of the USSR at the time, and they don't see why that might be propaganda Lmao

AMEN and then they talk about all these “great” figures from american history who were super shitty like. some of the dudes we print on our money literally owned slaves. and we call them heroes and fathers of our nation like we’re supposed to respect them?? but yeahhhh it’s definitely the ussr and dprk and whatever that use evil government propaganda. mhmm. definitely


burn baby burn

people reblogging like “wow he was so hot before he was a mass murderer!” uhhhh be quiet ? please? stalin only got hotter as he got more powerful… wake up and smell the communism wtf.. losers

You are very welcome comrade.

I love that young stalin photoset I made but I also hate it because people keep reblogging it with young stalin thirst and I’m like. hands off. he is Mine. under communism we share everything except for my wife. (stalin is my wife)

bet you wouldn’t be thirsting over pics of old jowly grey-haired stalin though would you?? nah. you only like 1902 stalin. maybe a little 1908 and 1910 stalin thrown in. but what does 1945 chubby-rabbit-face josef get?? nothing. nothing from you posers

thejustcity I am about to start my us history homework and I was seeeriously dreading it and not feeling so good and then you photoshopped me into a stalin lookalike and now.. I am so powerful and I am going to CRUSH this homework. thank you most honorable comrade



homework time!!! haha!!! shit!! fuck!!!





Young Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin. Born 18 December, 1878 in Gori, Georgia.

*all dates/ages have been checked with multiple sources, but inaccuracies still may have occurred. nonetheless, the photos provide some idea of the chronology.

I appreciate this photoset a lot.

Why are y’all romanticizing a mass murderer


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homework time!!! haha!!! shit!! fuck!!!

[jason derulo voice] got lipstick stains on my lab notebook

[whisper singing voice] why can’t I stop kissin my lab notebook

Do it! Rock the Agent Carter look
it’s so tempting .. but .. I cannot do it
IDK but i remember i saw a tutorial one time???? you could probably google it i think it requires a lot of hair rollers and bobby pins
easy!! I did it a bunch of times when I was on costume crew for Thoroughly Modern Millie. I forget exactly how but you only need like a length of ribbon, I’m sure there are tutorials
I just looked up a tutorial and all I’ve gotta do is put my hair in a low ponytail then tuck it up with pins!! woo!!! definitely going to try it out sometime! thank you dudes for showing me the light :^)

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